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What COVIDSafe measures are in place?

IMAX Melbourne is adhering to all current recommended public health advice and COVIDSafe requirements, including increased cleaning and sanitisation of the theatre and other high-use areas.  

These measures have been developed in line with public health and industry advice and align with materials shared by Work Safe, the Department of Health and Human Services Victoria and food safety education bodies such as the Australian Institute of Food Safety. 

Air quality and ventilation in the theatre is strictly controlled in order to maintain a consistent, comfortable and safe environment. Outside air is metered into the theatre in a controlled manner ensuring a constant supply of fresh air. The theatre CO2 set-point level is 600ppm, although in practice it rarely exceeds 500ppm during busy sessions.

While it is not a requirement, guests are more than welcome to wear masks during their visit. We also still strongly advise that patrons purchase tickets online prior to arriving at the theatre. 

For any further questions, please contact [email protected]