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How are you managing capacity?   

In line with COVIDSafe requirements, patron limits apply and the theatre is capped at 100 patrons per session. A density quotient of 1 person per 4 square metres applies across the IMAX lobby and Candy Bar, bathrooms and event spaces.  

The number of patrons in the theatre is closely monitored through online bookings and onsite ticket sales to ensure capacities are not exceeded.  

Group bookings are capped at a maximum of 10 patrons per booking.  

We strongly advise that patrons purchase their tickets online prior to arriving at the theatre.  

What COVIDSafe measures have you put in place?  

IMAX Melbourne is adhering to all required public health advice and COVIDSafe requirements, including collecting contact tracing information and increasing cleaning and sanitisation of the theatre and other high-use areas.  

These measures have been developed in line with public health and industry advice and align with materials shared by Work Safe, the Department of Health and Human Services Victoria and food safety education bodies such as the Australian Institute of Food Safety.  

Face masks are mandatory when visiting IMAX. Masks can be removed for eating and drinking while in the venue.  

Signage and visual guides have been installed to remind patrons to practice social distancing while at the theatre.   

Hand sanitiser is available upon entry to IMAX and throughout the site and we strongly encourage all patrons to practice good hygiene and wash their hands regularly.  

IMAX has moved to cashless systems for all candy bar and box office purchases.  

Measures have been introduced across a number of different theatre touchpoints, from ticket scanning to the distribution of 3D glasses, to significantly reduce the physical contact between staff and patrons.  

All patrons are required to remove their own rubbish from the theatre including empty popcorn containers, wrappers, drink cups etc. and place it into the appropriate recycling or rubbish bins at the theatre exit.  

An extended cleaning of the theatre occurs between each session with seats and surfaces sanitised.  

High-use areas including the Candy Bar, foyer and bathrooms are sanitised regularly by staff.  

Please follow public health advice when visiting the theatre and for the most up to date information, visit

How are you managing social distancing? 

Signage and visual guides have been installed to assist patrons and we request that all patrons visiting IMAX maintain appropriate social distancing between themselves and others.  

Spaced seating has been reintroduced in the theatre with a mandatory one seat gap between bookings.  Sessions are capped at 100 patrons and a density quotient of 1 person per 4 square metres applies to the IMAX lobby and Candy Bar, bathrooms and event spaces.  

Patrons are required to stay in their seats during the presentation. Regular inspections of the theatre take place during screenings to ensure patrons remain in their seats.  

How are you managing contact tracing and will I need to record my attendance? 

In line with Victorian Government directions from the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008, all patrons, including children, are required to check in when entering IMAX, regardless of how long they are intending to be onsite.   

Information is collected via the Service Victoria app which can be accessed via a QR code or link displayed upon entry to, and throughout IMAX.  

If the patron does not have access to a mobile phone or the internet, IMAX staff will collect this information.     

A COVID Check-in Marshal will be onsite during IMAX opening hours and patrons are required to provide proof of check-in when asked by the COVID Check-in Marshal.  

Your personal information can only be used by health authorities to track possible exposure to COVID-19. All information will be deleted by Service Victoria after 28 days and your details won’t be used for marketing or other purposes.  

For more details about Service Victoria’s privacy practices, please view its Privacy and Security Policy

How are you sanitising your 3D glasses? 

In line with our normal operating procedures, our 3D glasses will continue to be fully cleaned and sanitised following each use. 

Further processes and procedures have been put in place to avoid contact between staff and patrons during the distribution and return of the 3D glasses. 

Where can I book tickets? 

Tickets can be purchased via the Sessions & Tickets page on the IMAX website. Films can be found on the Now Showing and Coming Soon pages. 

We strongly advise that patrons purchase their tickets online prior to arriving at the theatre. 

Are you taking school bookings? 

IMAX is taking bookings for all 2021 terms.  

Explore our education library to find the perfect documentary to suit your curriculum and call (03) 8341 7767 to make a booking or for any enquiries.