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Sarah Iozzi - Senior Duty Manager



You’ve worked in movie theatres since you were 15, first at Palace Cinemas and now IMAX. What do you love about it?
The best part about my job is working on special events, premieres and film festivals. They can be pretty hectic but it’s always a fun and rewarding experience. The free movie tickets are also a great perk!

What is the best part of your job?
We have such a great team and a really fun working environment. We also often have a dog in the office which is definitely a highlight.

You’re the youngest member of the IMAX office team. How do you find working with a bunch of old people?
I wouldn’t say “old”, I’d say experienced. The IMAX team has extensive industry knowledge so it’s a great environment for those staff who are really passionate about film to learn in!

What do you think is important to ensure that younger people keep coming to the cinema?
The experience of watching a film in a theatre is something that you can’t replicate at home. Theatres connect people and expose them to programming beyond your Netflix recommendations! For example, at IMAX we try to incorporate a really diverse film program and with our 'Rewind' sessions you can come and see cult classics that haven’t been in the cinema for decades, or watch live musical concerts and performances.

Who’s your favourite film director and what do you love about their films?
Quentin Tarantino! I love his use of music, dialogue, cinematography, character development and his over-the-top style.

What are you most proud of achieving in your time at IMAX?
Creating and executing the Prequel Bar has been a lot of work but really rewarding. I saw an opportunity to enhance the IMAX experience by creating a place where movie-goers can relax before a film and have a drink or snack that goes beyond the classic popcorn and soft drink - so the Prequel Bar was born. Open Friday and Saturday nights, it connects our movie lovers with other like-minded film buffs over Melbourne's best jaffles from The Bearded Jaffle, beers from Mountain Goat and a range of wine and beverage options.