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Blue Planet | IMAX Melbourne

Blue Planet

Rated: G
Closed Caption Audio Description Runtime: 45 minutes

Blue Planet will be presented in IMAX 4K LASER DIGITAL

Billions of people have lived on Earth, but only a few hundred have seen it as it appears in space, suspended like a bright jewel in the vast black void.  In Blue Planet experience a view of our global home as only astronauts can.   Trained to operate the large format IMAX cameras, astronauts from five space shuttle missions have brought back stunning images of the Earth in transition. See a breathtaking earthrise as it fills the giant screen, shimmering blue and majestic in the blackness of space. See a living atlas, as images that follow the curvature of the Earth reveal the landforms recognised from our geography books.

See the familiar shapes of India and Sri Lanka, the Big Island of Hawaii showing what volcanoes can create.  Travel high above the Great Rift Valley of Africa, and the broad Serengeti plain and upon a closer look meet the many species that live there.  View tropical storms as tiny flashing lights from space, but acting violently at ground level. View the plates that make up the earth’s crust and witness what can happen when these plates decide to move.

In Blue Planet see firsthand the most powerful force on earth; causing silt flooded rivers, shrinking lakes and glaciers, expanding deserts, burning rainforests and the smog filled air.   We humans are that force, and the IMAX camera shows us the damage the ever increasing human population is inflicting.
From this most unique vantage point Blue Planet will show you earth, our one and only home as you have never seen it before.