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Flight of the Butterflies 3D | IMAX Melbourne

Flight of the Butterflies 3D

 4 out of 4 stars!

“A MUST SEE 3D IMAX JOURNEY…a feast for the eyes and one of the best IMAX documentaries" -  Seattle Times – October 20, 2012

“Phenomenal IMAX 3D visuals…neatly balances entertainment and education. Bound to fascinate" - Variety – October 8, 2012

“It is thought that Flight of the Butterflies 3D … could do for butterflies what the feature documentary March of the Penguins did for penguins” - The Guardian UK – September 22, 2012

For many years the Monarch Butterfly, beautiful, fragile and a true marvel of nature, lay at the centre of an age old mystery; where did they go when they flew south each year?  As a young boy living near Toronto in the 1920’s, Dr Fred Urquhart wondered this very same thing as he witnessed the beginning of this incredible journey every autumn.  He could never have dreamt that each year, these monarchs joined millions of others on an extraordinary migration south to a remote and distant hideaway, and that this very question would lead him on a 40 year quest to find the answer. 

Flight Of The Butterflies 3D documents the largest and most incredible migration on earth; half a billion monarch butterflies traversing a continent and travelling over 5000 kilometers each year to hibernate, mate and lay eggs.  With pinpoint accuracy they navigate across North America and Mexico, following the warm weather and food supply in order to produce the next generation of Monarchs and continue this extraordinary cycle.

From the grassy Texas hills, to the flower gardens of Canada and the mountains of Mexico, soar alongside one of the greatest spectacles of the natural world and join us in amazing IMAX 3D as we follow the Flight Of The Butterflies.