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IMAX Gift Vouchers for Xmas! | IMAX Melbourne

IMAX Gift Vouchers for Xmas!

IMAX Gift Vouchers for Xmas!

If you don’t have time for shopping or don’t feel like fighting the Christmas crowds, then simply purchase an IMAX gift voucher online (e-voucher).  Delivered directly to your email inbox – all you need to do is forward it on to the lucky recipient, then sit back and relax while they say “Thanks! This is the best present ever!”

There are two types of e-vouchers:

Documentary - Valid for our IMAX documentary style short-films (< 60 mins);  a surcharge will apply for use on Feature Length films

Feature Length - Valid for both Feature Length movies (> 60 mins - think Hollywood blockbuster!) and documentary short-films

Some bits and pieces you need to know about IMAX e-vouchers...

To buy an IMAX Gift e-voucher CLICK HERE

To see sample e-vouchers CLICK HERE 

For full Terms & conditions CLICK HERE