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Great Bear Rainforest 3D

FINAL SCREENING: Wednesday May 18
Rated: ctc
Exempt from Classification*
Closed Caption Audio Description Runtime: 45 minutes

FINAL SCREENING: Wednesday May 18

GREAT BEAR RAINFOREST 3D tells the story of one of the rarest animals on Earth – the fabled all-white Spirit Bear – and its ancient forest home.

Take your students on a journey to one of the planet’s most exquisite and secluded wildernesses on Canada’s rugged Pacific coast. Discover the secret world of the Spirit Bear and learn about the forest’s other inhabitants including grizzlies, coastal wolves and humpback whales.

Students and teachers will learn about the environmental risks to the remaining population of Spirit Bears, and the indigenous First Nations peoples combining traditional methods and scientific research to inform conservation efforts.

Teacher Information: Suitable for students in Prep and above. This film links closely to the Wild exhibition and the Forest Gallery at Melbourne Museum. Visit the Museum learning website or call 03 8341 7767 to book your joint package.

Victorian Curriculum Links: Environmental Science, Conservation, Life Cycles, Biology, Sustainability, Geography

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*The content of this film has been assessed as meeting the Exempt from Classification criteria as defined by the Australian Classification Office