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IMAX LASER Projection | IMAX Melbourne

IMAX LASER Projection

The next generation of IMAX movie experience is here...

Audiences deserve more than just a movie. They deserve an experience that transports them to awesome new worlds and engages their senses and emotions. As part of its commitment to pushing boundaries and doing things never before done in cinema, IMAX has undertaken the largest R&D investment in the company’s history to develop its next-generation projection and sound system – featuring groundbreaking laser technology.

IMAX with laser represents a quantum leap in cinema technology – providing audiences with the sharpest, brightest, clearest and most vivid digital images ever, combined with a whole new level of immersive audio.

IMAX Melbourne is the first cinema outside Nth America to install cutting edge next generation IMAX LASER technology - furthering our commitment to providing Melbourne with an unrivalled premium cinema experience. Deployment of the Dual-4K IMAX LASER digital projection system provides full screen projection capability with the power of the laser system able to light the 32m wide x 23m high screen (height of the image depending on the aspect ratio chosen by the film maker).

The world’s most advanced cinema technology is here, get excited.