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Oceans 3D: Our Blue Planet

Rated: ctc
Exempt from Classification*
Runtime: 45 minutes


BBC Earth’s OCEANS 3D: OUR BLUE PLANET will take your students on a global odyssey to discover the largest and least explored habitat on earth. New ocean science and technology has allowed us to go further into the unknown than ever before.

From the coastal shallows to deeper, more mysterious worlds, the untold stories of the oceans’ most astonishing creatures are revealed.

Our first stop is the coral reefs, where we meet fascinating characters like the ingenious tusk fish that uses a tool to open its food. In the great forests of the sea, we find a cunning octopus who shields herself in an armoury of shells to hide from predators.

As we journey through our oceans, students will share these extraordinary discoveries and uncover a spectacular world of life beneath the waves.

Teacher Information: Suitable for students in Grade 2 and above. This film links closely to the Marine Life and Dynamic Earth exhibitions at Melbourne Museum. Visit the Museum learning website or call 03 8341 7767 to book your joint package.

Victorian Curriculum Links: Science, Marine Biology, Biology, Science Understanding (Biological Science), Sustainability, Geography

Excursion FAQs

*The content of this film has been assessed as meeting the Exempt from Classification criteria as defined by the Australian Classification Office