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Premium Blue VIP Seating | IMAX Melbourne

Premium Blue VIP Seating

Premium Blue VIP Seating

IMAX Melbourne offers movie fans not only the finest on-screen cinema experience available, but also matching levels of comfort in the form of our 'Premium Blue' VIP Seats.

Our 25 x Premium Blue VIP seats are designed to take your viewing experience to the next level. In addition to featuring the innovative Probax® system*, they differ from our general admission seating in the following way:

Premium Blue seating attracts the following additional charges (per person) / conditions:

*In an Australian first, all of our new seats feature an innovative foam-based seating technology called Probax®, that will assist audiences to maintain better seating posture, enhancing comfort during your IMAX movie experience. Probax® is gaining huge popularity and great response overseas and we are proud to be the first venue of any kind in Australia to offer this revolutionary seating technology - come and try it for yourself!