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Rocky Mountain Express | IMAX Melbourne

Rocky Mountain Express

Closed Caption Runtime: 45 minutes

Rocky Mountain Express will be presented on IMAX 1570 FILM

Rocky Mountain Express is Exempt from Classification*

Rocky Mountain Express has been captured entirely on stunning ultra high resolution 65mm IMAX Film Cameras and is presented on our IMAX 1570 Film projection system, delivering what is simply the most breathtaking cinematic experience available; and one not be missed.

Rocky Mountain Express propels audiences on a steam train journey through the breathtaking vistas of the Canadian Rockies and highlights the adventure of building a nearly impossible transcontinental railway.
Recruited to realize this venture—one of the greatest engineering feats of all time—were engineers and laborers from around the world. The challenge was immense, and the costs were high - almost every mile of track claimed its share of human life...
The film weaves together spectacular IMAX aerial cinematography, archival photographs and maps, and the potent energy and rhythms of a live steam locomotive to immerse audiences in this remarkable story from the age of steam.

The Canadian Pacific Railway started in the mid-nineteenth Century as a dream: a ribbon of steel that would stretch across the North American continent, through thousands of miles of sparsely inhabited wilderness and then, through three mountain ranges to reach a remote colonial outpost on the Pacific coast - Read More

Official Rocky Mountain Express Film website

*The content of Rocky Mountain Express has been assessed as meeting the Exempt from Classification criteria as defined by the Australian Classification office.