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Living Universe | IMAX Melbourne

Living Universe

Runtime: 90 minutes

Living Universe will be a Digital 4K non-IMAX 2D Presentation*


Living Universe is a spectacular, speculative interstellar adventure in search of an exoplanet that supports complex life; a journey that seeks to answer the extraordinary question: 'Are we alone in the universe?'.

Based on the latest scientific research, we ask the leading scientists in the world: How do we get there? What will we find? And what will it mean—for society, religion, science, and humanity—if we discover that life exists elsewhere?
The film features spectacular CGI of a future mission to an exo-planet, researched and developed in collaboration with some of the greats of space exploration, astronomy and astrobiology including Gentry Lee, Steve Squyres, Natalie Batahla, Sara Seager, Chris McKay and Avi Loeb.

*Please note: This film has not been remastered into the IMAX format