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It’s all about the beard in Pirates 4 | IMAX Melbourne

It’s all about the beard in Pirates 4

It’s all about the beard in Pirates 4

We can look forward to a lot of facial hair in the next instalment of Pirates of the Caribbean!

The newest villain to join the blockbuster film franchise is a character called Blackbeard, based on the most infamous pirate in history, played by Ian McShane.

 “Blackbeard is the most infamous pirate that ever lived... he never killed anybody, he just looked so fearsome," McShane told

According to McShane, his character's most recognisable feature was very difficult to work with everyday.

"It was the heaviest thing – it was like having a dead cat around my face! It was made in three or four pieces and held on by magnets and God knows what else. It took an hour and a half to put on every day," he said.

Although he loved the role, McShane says he was delighted to get rid of the beard after filming finished.

"It was a pleasure to shoot it. I was only glad it finished so I could get rid of the beard," he said.

Take a look at McShane's character Blackbeard and his impressive set of facial hair on the World's 3rd largest screen at IMAX Melbourne Museum! Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides opens at IMAX Melbourne Museum on 19 May. Visit this link to find out more.