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IMAX Child Policy

IMAX Child Policy

What age is considered a child if I want to purchase a ‘Child’ ticket?

The age for paid child tickets is 3-15 years inclusive.

Children under the age of 3 do not require a ticket, but will be required to sit on an adult’s lap throughout the film. Please note we do not encourage this as the large screen, volume and duration of our films is often overwhelming for children of this age.

Before you decide to bring a child under the age of 3 years into an IMAX movie, please consider the enjoyment of all customers and the suitability of the experience for your child.

Should I bring a baby or small child to my movie?

We ask that, for the enjoyment of other guests, babies and children aged 5 and under do not attend screenings of films classified as M, MA15+ (Mature Accompanied) or R (Restricted).

The large scale of the IMAX experience and the duration of films are likely to overstimulate and unsettle babies and small children. For this reason, we strongly recommend that children aged 5 and under do not attend screenings of films designed for adult audiences.

Our staff have been trained to assist customers with small children in deciding whether the film they are about to see is appropriate for younger children. Please note that if you decide to enter the film with your children, IMAX staff may ask you to sit close to the aisles to allow you to leave without impacting the enjoyment of other customers.

If any cinema patron becomes disruptive and this impacts the enjoyment of other customers, they will be asked to leave the theatre.

IMAX Premium Seating

Please note that IMAX Premium Seating is not suitable for children aged 15 years and under, and child tickets are not available.