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The Story of Earth 3D

Rated: ctc
Exempt from Classification*
Closed Caption Audio Description Runtime: 45 minutes

THE STORY OF EARTH 3D is an Australian documentary exploring the origins of life on Earth, and the ability of contemporary geology to teach us about our Earth and our solar system.

Professor Martin Van Kranendonk and PhD candidate Tara Djokic will guide your students from the Pilbara region in Western Australia to the geothermal pools of Iceland, linking previous geological discoveries to new ecological phenomena and challenging our current understanding of how and where life originated on Earth.

This film will introduce tectonic plates, the solar system and our changing Earth to students using scientific modelling and visualisations, taking you back in time to explore the extraordinary chain of events that made life possible and, so far, sustainable.

Come on a journey with a team of geologists travelling the globe looking for clues to help us piece together what is, as far as we know, a unique story in our universe.

Teacher Information: Suitable for students in Grade 3 and above. This film links closely to the Dynamic Earth and 600 Million Years: Victoria Evolves exhibitions at Melbourne Museum. Visit the Museum learning website or call 03 8341 7767 to book your joint package.

Victorian Curriculum Links: Science, Science Understanding (Earth & Space Science), Science as a Human Endeavour, Science Inquiry Skills, Geography

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*The content of this film has been assessed as meeting the Exempt from Classification criteria as defined by the Australian Classification Office