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Accessibility | IMAX Melbourne



Accessible parking spaces are available on Level P2 of the carpark, with lift access to the museum forecourt and then access from a different lift (near the IMAX entrance) down to the IMAX foyer.
The Melbourne City Tourist Shuttle is wheelchair accessible and stops on Rathdowne Street, opposite Melbourne Museum (Stop 5). Parliament station has lift access to the top of Lonsdale Street, with Melbourne Museum and IMAX a short journey up Nicholson Street past Carlton Gardens.  An Accessible toilet is available on the main foyer level at IMAX and on all levels of the museum during museum operating hours (10am - 5pm). Wheelchair seating is available in the IMAX Theatre on a first-come basis, or the spaces can be booked (and paid for) by calling the IMAX Box office on 9663 5454.

We are proud to support Companion Card and offer a complimentary admission upon presentation of a valid companion card at the time of a movie ticket purchase. On most occassions this can be done in person at the IMAX Box office, however during busy times (school and public holidays) and when major Hollywood Blockbusters are released, we strongly recommend you book both your paid seat (or wheelchair bay) and companion card complimentary ticket by calling the IMAX Box office on 9663 5454. All theatre seat and wheelchair bay availability is based on a first come basis.

Assisted listening devices are available for the IMAX Theatre. These are provided on request at the IMAX Box office at the time of your ticket purchase. Some form if identification may be required and held until the device is returned at the end of the movie.

IMAX has recently commenced offering Audio Description (AD) on a selected number of movie titles. As the name suggests this service allows members of the public with a vision impairment to have the on-screen action personally narrated to them through a special receiver and headset system available at the theatre. As each movie needs to have specific AD files created, we are hoping to be able to provide this service for most new movies releasing towards the end of 2013. Movies playing at IMAX that offer AD will have the AD logo (shown above) listed on that movies specific webpage. If you wish to utilise this facility on a chosen movie please advise our friendly staff when you arrive on-site and they will provide you with the receiver and headset and instruct you on its use. If you wish to find out more then please call the IMAX Box office on 9663 5454.

IMAX Melbourne Museum has a closed captioning system (known as Rear Window Captioning or RWC) that provides movie captioning for customers that are deaf or hearing impaired. The RWC system installed at IMAX is the only permanant RWC installation in Australia and consists of a LED screen mounted at the back of the theatre that scrolls captions in mirror reverse. Customers using the system are provided with a perspex 'reflector' that mounts in the seat cup holder allowing it to be adjusted to place the captions in various positions on the screen to suit the individual user. Approximately 80 x seats (of 475) are best placed for use with RWC and a seat map showing the placement of these seats is available at the IMAX Box office or by clicking the information link below. During testing of the system there was no consensus on the 'best' seats as personal preference was quite varied. Users may wish to try different seats for each film or movie in order to determine what suits best. 

To utilise RWC please call the IMAX Box office on 9663 5454; email the IMAX Duty Manager at or simply present yourself at the Box office for your chosen session (we cannot guarantee available seats for new release movies). Instructions on how to use the system and a seating plan will be provided when you arrive at the Box office or alternatively can also be accessed HERE.

All movies that have closed captioning available will have  displayed in the information page of each movie (below the synopsis). We are committed to having RWC available for every film or movie we screen from the opening date, however at times there are some delays in the supply of the relevant files from the movie studios and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Unfortunately captions do not exist for any trailers that screen prior to the movie. A 'Welcome to IMAX' caption allows RWC uses to adjust their reflectors prior to the movie commencing.

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly should you wish to seek clarification or further information on RWC at IMAX.